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Who We Are

Opus 2 Digital Transcription has thirty-five years of experience in providing verbatim transcription services of all legal proceedings in all Divisions of the Royal Courts of Justice in England and in the County Courts and Family Courts of England and Wales, having been a member of the Tape Transcription Panel since its inception over twenty years ago.

We are instructed by the Court Service itself as well by local authorities, police authorities, the Competition Appeal Tribunal, and firms of solicitors in England and Wales to prepare transcription of court proceedings, arbitrations, tribunal hearings, interviews, and conferences and telephone hearings. We undertake instruction for transcription of proceedings heard in the Royal Court of Jersey and the Isle of Man Courts of Justice. We also take instruction from private individuals, litigants in person ("LIPS"), requiring transcription of court hearings and other matters.


Beverley F. Nunnery & Co. (now Opus 2 Digital Transcription) was founded in 1976 by Beverley Nunnery after her successful solo career in the court reporting profession. From small beginnings we are now one of the country's leading audio transcript providers and are fully approved members of the Tape Transcription Panel of Her Majesty's Court Service. Our consistent presence as a Member of the HM Courts & Tribunals Service’s Tape Transcription Panel since its inception over twenty years ago stands as a testament to our commitment never to compromise on the quality of our transcription and service to clients.

Following its acquisition by Opus 2 International Ltd. in 2014, Opus 2 Digital Transcription maintains its pre-eminent position as market leader in the provision of transcription services.

Innovative, High-tech Services

Throughout the years we have diversified and now offer a wide range of services to suit your needs, and since becoming an Opus 2 company, we are now able to leverage state-of-the-art Opus 2 technology for our clients’ benefit. Explore Opus 2's courtroom technology innovations.

Quality & Accuracy

Opus 2 Digital Transcription has a reputation as the market leader in England & Wales for the provision of audio transcription, offering a high quality product prepared and delivered to meet clients' needs, whether on a standard or expedited basis. Opus 2 Digital Transcription has developed and operates a sophisticated Quality Management System which supports the delivery of a consistently high quality product.

We guarantee that all our transcripts are only of the highest quality in presentation and accuracy, transcribed by experienced individuals whose professional expertise spans all sectors of law, medicine and beyond. All transcription work undertaken by Opus 2 Digital Transcription is prepared by native English-speaking Transcribers within the UK to ensure the utmost quality and accuracy, and to comply with the Data Protection Act.

Opus 2 Digital Transcription is ISO 9001 accredited.
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Highly Respected

In the legal sector, we serve a variety of clients ranging from global law firms to sole practitioners. Our clients include 18 of the largest 20 law firms in the country as compiled by The Times. We also transcribe for government departments and local authorities, statutory bodies such as Social Services and the police, as well as the media.

Dedicated Team of Trained Professionals

Opus 2 Digital Transcription is comprised of 16 full-time staff members plus a network of 74 self-employed Stenographers and Transcribers.

Opus 2 Digital Transcription has a team of over 74 highly experienced Stenographers and Transcribers with expertise spanning all sectors of transcription. The majority of our Transcribers have individually amassed several decades of experience in court transcription. In this time they have been able to adapt to rapid changes within the industry and have shown themselves to be highly flexible and committed – two values that are prerequisite to being a successful Transcriber. Similarly, our Stenographers have accumulated extensive experience and expertise in the Courts of Appeal and Administrative Court where exacting standards are the norm.

While there is no professional qualification for Audio Transcribers in England & Wales, Opus 2 Digital Transcription's pool of Transcribers are those who meet not only our own in-house requirements and expectations of the company, which are more exacting than those accepted by the majority of other court reporting companies, but also those of clients with specific and demanding instructions.

Transcribers, over time, develop a deeper expertise within a given area of transcription, such as police interviews or highly sensitive ABE interviews. Opus 2 Digital Transcription endeavours, wherever possible, to match client requirements with Transcriber expertise.

Our Transcribers are supported by a dedicated team of Client Liaison Officers who are intimately familiar with the entire transcription process -- from the initial request to the delivery of the perfected transcript. Our team ethos of achieving excellence in client liaison means that ongoing training plays an integral part in not only achieving, but in sustaining and sharing that excellence. As well as having a superior command of the English language and grammar, the team is adept at multi-tasking, both to satisfy the requirements of an individual client and those of a number of clients in fast-moving and high-pressured situations.

We have specialist Court Liaison personnel who are intrinsic to forging strong relationships with the County Courts and Family Courts in England and Wales both within and outside the courtroom. Our team members are in constant attendance at the Royal Courts of Justice and Central Family Court to collect recordings and deliver judgments.

Opus 2 Digital Transcription has a full-time technical officer who advises clients and Transcribers when security and confidentiality are paramount. Leveraging our bespoke technical operations system, the technical officer monitors the progress of any order for transcription and ensures all equipment, services and processes are operating as efficiently and securely as possible.

As an Opus 2 Company, we have the ability to call upon additional staff and resources as required, including stenographic court reporting teams and staffing in the following potentially relevant areas: client liaison, technical support, software development and support, finance and human resources.