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What We Do

Opus 2 Digital Transcription offers a variety of services and a range of timescales to suit your needs, including Court Transcripts, Daily Transcription, Audio/Video Transcription, and Court Reporting and Deposition Services. All of our services are offered on a strictly confidential basis. If you would like more information or a quote, please send us an email or give us a call.

Civil Court Transcripts

We are a fully approved member of the court transcription panel and can provide transcripts of previous civil court hearings. We can prepare urgent transcription to meet your requirements, ranging from transcript delivery within 7 working days of receiving the audio from the court or to same day delivery. Please phone or e-mail us for availability for expedited services.

Criminal Court Transcripts

We are the appointed provider of transcription services to the Crown Courts in the North-East of England where the Standard service is provision within 12 working days. We are, of course, able to provide transcription to meet far more exacting delivery deadlines.

How to Order

Daily Transcription

Opus 2 Digital Transcription can also provide transcripts from hearings on the same day that they take place. We set up our own recording equipment within about 40 minutes so we do not need to rely on the court for audio. Our technical officer monitors the equipment throughout the proceedings and remains on standby to assist with any technical issues which arise. We guarantee resilience by installing additional equipment which ensures that a backup recording is constantly made - even in the event of technical or power failure – and we are also able to provide an individual to take a log of proceedings.

The transcript from the proceedings can be emailed to you around 6.30pm of the day of the hearing. You can also choose to receive the morning's transcript at around 2.30pm upon request.

Audio/Video Transcription

Opus 2 Digital Transcription can transcribe audio of virtually anything that has been previously recorded (eg. interviews, conversations, dictations, etc). We can also transcribe visual gestures from VHS/DVD in interviews. We have experience in this field in providing transcripts for the police, social services and media.

Court Reporting and Depositions

We have a reliable and experienced team of Stenographers and Shorthandwriters who are available on standby to cover any last-minute court reporting assignments that may arise.