• Your words are important.
    So is the technology that protects them.

    Opus 2 Digital Transcription utilises trusted methodologies and
    innovative technologies to deliver quality services.

How We Do It

Our consistent presence as a Member of the HM Courts & Tribunals Service's Tape Transcription Panel since its inception over twenty years ago stands as a testament to the quality of the service we provide to our clients.

While advances in technology have allowed us to systematically hone our processes, above all we pay great personal attention to the needs and expectations of our clients. By doing so, we not only ensure the superlative quality of our transcripts but, equally, the exceptional quality of our service. Our clients value this personal attention to detail and we enjoy very high satisfaction rates.

Security and efficiency is central to our IT infrastructure. We have the ability to work in almost all audio formats and can convert between formats when required.

We maintain a secure FTP server which is used for the distribution of recordings from clients and onwards to our Transcribers. This allows us to complete transcripts on our same-day service – without the client having to send us a physical recording.

Intelligent & Verbatim

We appreciate our clients' expectation of transcripts of the highest quality; a well-produced "intelligent" transcript provides the reader with a document that can be read and understood swiftly as written prose. However, we accommodate individual clients' requirements and are able to prepare "verbatim" transcripts which provide a meticulously accurate record.

The service chosen by our client determines the criteria of quality against which we measure the resulting transcript. Given our longstanding presence in the marketplace, we appreciate that the two options demand different skill sets. We have a nationwide resource of dedicated Transcribers to cater for either requirement - a transcript produced by Opus 2 Digital Transcription, whether intelligent or verbatim, is assured to be of the highest quality. Opus 2 Digital Transcription promotes a stringent Transcript Production Policy, an organic series of specifications to which our transcripts must conform, encompassing best practices, style and formatting to ensure consistency. Our adaptability and flexibility enable us to meet specific or additional client requirements where instructed.

Our Stenographers and Transcribers

Our network of Transcribers and Stenographers includes those who have undergone Developed Vetting, thus providing confidence to clients requiring secure transcription. We maintain a strict procedure to safeguard that our hardware is constantly protected against the latest threats. All physical recordings remain securely on-site during the transcription process.

Following our acquisition by Opus 2 International Limited, we are able to utilise innovative legal technology services, the cornerstone of which is the ground-breaking Opus 2 Magnum technology which is enabling the paperless trial to become a reality.

Our Approach

Client Centric

Everyone on the Digital Transcription team is forging solid and positive working relationships with our clients.

Meet or Exceed Expectations

Ensuring our product conforms to our stringent Transcript Production Policy and/or to a client's individual specifications where requested.

Reliable Turnaround Time

A commitment to meeting transcript delivery timeframes whilst maintaining the personal service appreciated by clients.

Continual Improvement

Proactively seeking product and service feedback from clients, with responses monitored and acted upon in order to promote the continual improvement of our quality policy.


A commitment to continuously monitor Transcribers and the transcription process, providing feedback and training where necessary to those involved.

Our Guarantee

Opus 2 Digital Transcription can also provide transcripts from hearings on the same day that they take place. We set up our own recording equipment within about 40 minutes so we do not need to rely on the court for audio. Our technical officer monitors the equipment throughout the proceedings and remains on standby to assist with any technical issues which arise. We guarantee resilience by installing additional equipment which ensures that a backup recording is constantly made - even in the event of technical or power failure – and we are also able to provide an individual to take a log of proceedings.

The transcript from the proceedings can be emailed to you on around 6.30pm of the day of the hearing. You can also choose to receive the morning's transcript at around 2.30pm upon request.